6 Week Challenge - Race to the Brewery

Posted by BPM on Mar 21, 2019 8:00:00 AM

During our Nourished As 6 Week Challenge the wider team has supported each other to improve our mental toughness in order to overcome the 6 week challenge. Ultimately this can be applied to how we approach the challenges that may arise in our day-to-day jobs too.  As part of this, the Wellington team jumped at the chance to clock up some extra miles and participate in the "Race to the Brewery" - a great cycle-run-walk team relay, with a rewarding pint at the finish line.  And yes, we had just as much fun putting together this little clip to show what a great, rewarding day it was (albeit rather a sore next day for some!).

Warning - there's some serious car karaoke taking place.


Race to the Brewery MOV FILE



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