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Posted by BPM on May 14, 2020 10:43:01 AM

Moving from Alert Level 4 to Level 3 and subsequently to Level 2 resulted in a lot of changes for the construction industry. Sites were closed under AL4 and now are able to open again as long as they meet new restrictions under the COVID-19 protocols.

Ensuring the health, safety and wellness of all people on sites is crucial and following the protocols ensures a smooth transition from lockdown to complete normality under ‘the new norm’.

Jacinda Arden announced this week that Alert level 2 will commence today (14th May) which means we are progressing towards a fully functioning society again. AL2 means domestic travel will resume in New Zealand which will help with travelling to different sites and the construction industry is on the way back to what it used to be.

Although it may feel like entering Level 2 means we’ve got a green light, we should all remember that it’s, in fact, an amber light and we still need to be vigilant.

It would be easier to pretend this never happened and to get back to functioning as we were before but in this case, that could mean a spike in COVID cases and a relapse back into higher levels of lockdown.

Nobody wants to go back to feeling restricted so now it’s more important than ever to adhere to the restrictions as they stand and implement the correct industry protocols.

The guidelines may seem overwhelming and difficult to implement or even understand but here at BPM, we acknowledge the importance of the health, safety and wellness of our team, contractors and anyone present on a BPM site.

To ensure the safety of all those on site and to avoid confusion with the loosened regulations, we’ve prepared a Site Management Plan template to make compliance with ‘the new norm’ easier and to ensure the safety of all those on our sites. This SMP template has been shared with many of our contractors to provide a tool for them to ensure their teams safety.

The SMP is a tool that simplifies the guidelines into an easy checklist to ensure all elements of the new protocols have been considered before works start again. When the forms are fully completed and the site has implemented all the necessary controls it will help ensure the safety of all those on-site.

As we enter Level 2 lockdown, this plan will continue to outline the best practices of operating in a site during these unprecedented times. In turn, this will ensure a smooth-running site with minimal risk that will contribute to ensuring the eventual return of normality in our ‘new norm’.

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