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Posted by BPM on Dec 2, 2019 8:00:52 PM

Challenging the status quo can sometimes bring with it, it's own set of challenges and for some people that's a good enough reason to quit and just 'do the norm' but that's not how we roll here at BPM...….

That's why when we were faced with a challenge after moving downpipes to be internal within canopy columns we put our thinking caps back on and came up with a solution that worked a treat.

By securing a steel strap over the top of the downpipe not only did we strength it and prevent damage but it also acts as a guide when lowering the canopy into position.

Check out this great video of a recent canopy install demonstrating how brilliantly this system works. 

If you want to know more, don't be shy, give us a yell.....

Mike canopy lift with music-1


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