What we do

At BPM, we’re about partnering with our clients to deliver the best outcome. We are the leading provider of project management services to the Petroleum industry in New Zealand with the collective experience of more than 70 years in this field.  More recently as the team has grown, our skills have too, and we cover retail, commercial, residential construction and minor works including fit outs and upgrades. 

Our approach is to work collaboratively with clients to explore solutions and work as a partnership while maintaining high respect for site safety and maintaining a positive and fun working relationship.  

We have a flexible team and we’re supported by some great partner relationships which enable no job to be too big or too small.

Our design concepts have become so reliable that we can provide an off-the-shelf design solution and the ability for clients to purchase our unique turn-key solution, removing all day-to-day worries of a project.

Strategic Planning

Our planning approach is to maintain an open and honest communication with clients, developers, contractors and partners.  Our goal is to mitigate risk to secure satisfactory outcomes for our clients.

Project planning

Our skilled team can help with programme master planning and strategic delivery of any sized project.

Feasibility studies/ Due diligence/ Concept

To help us understand a client’s requirements, we will form an understanding of their requirements and deliver a feasibility report before we dive into the project. 

Risk analysis

As part of our planning process, we will always undergo thorough risk assessment to understand a sites limitation to mitigate risks and identify any unforeseen issues to the client before construction begins. 

Design management through full project life cycle

Manage the design team, consultants and engineers throughout the process.

Consent process

Thorough knowledge and understanding of the Resource Management Act and Building Consent process in order to liaise with planners and architects to gain the required approvals and ensure the requirements of projects are compliant. 

Stakeholder management

Arguably one of the core components of successful project delivery is stakeholder management.  We provide clients with the trusted ability to communicate with all levels of the business from management, planners, architects, site staff and land owners.  Identify and prioritise stakeholders and understand expectations, engaging communication strategies.

Project Management

Our team of project managers provide professional services that utilise specialised, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of any sized construction project end to end.  We guide our clients on the best outcomes, providing control of a project's time, cost and quality, project delivery systems including conceptual, feasibility, consenting, design-bid-build, risk mitigation and project reporting.

Contract administration including Engineer to Contract

Involves a process of activities which help to manage the design, contract agreement and its construction process of any development project with proper control.  In the construction industry, the contract administrator is the individual responsibility for administering the construction contracts.  The contract administrator’s role will generally include; inviting and processing tenders, preparing contract documents for execution and acting as the independent administer of the contract between the contractor and client.

Construction monitoring project management

This service provides clients with independent verification that the works have been completed in accordance with specified requirements, including; on-site monitoring of the health and safety, quality control, management of change process and compliance.

Workplace health and safety

We take workplace health, safety and welfare seriously at BPM.  We lead by example and believe in the safety and wellbeing of staff and contractors to ensure their optimum safety on-site.  We actively work with contractors to encourage and mentor workplace safety, ensure personal accountability for onsite safety, monitor compliance with legal requirements and relevant codes of practice and monitor operational risk management systems. 

Client-side program management

We build partnerships with our clients to help understand your big picture and break this down project-by-project to develop and deliver a realistic program of works reducing a companies level of risk by offering a reliable outsourced solution.


We typically break this into procurement of services to deliver a project and material procurement which covers supply chain management to ensure the best quality and price for the client.  We build relationships with the suppliers so as we build clients programmes of work, we can ensure we deliver the cost saving benefits and assurance that we can deliver materials to meet the project time frame.

Cost management

We develop a budget plan to evaluate all estimated costs for a program of works or individual project in order to manage the costs throughout the life-cycle of any given project.  We break our cost management into the three phases; planning, forecasting and monitoring to provide clients with assurance of meeting budget expectations.


Developing conceptual designs that can be used as a foundational and affordable layout – a great solution to get your project started in today’s tough economic environment.  We take into account things like the components, functionality and external factors of a site to deliver an optimal solution for our clients.

Conceptual design

Sometimes clients just want to know if something works before they invest any real time or money into a project.  We have the ability and know how to be able to sketch sites and assess the feasibility, before any real investment is made.  We generally offer this service for free, based on us being further involved with the project.  And, if the sketch needs to be drawn up professionally in CAD format, then we have the ability to turn that around quickly too.

Turnkey design

This is us taking on the full design responsibility through the professional relationships we have.  We can take any design through from initial sketch concept right to consent documentation and provide the full suite of services including engaging all consultants on the client’s behalf and manage the design phase.  The benefit of this is that you have a single point of contact for the whole process and we can take control of the design delivery time frames.

Retail design solution

We have a cost effective, fully certified convenience-retail design, ready to take from paper to build, off-the-plan available today, for a fixed price.

Fuels design advice

With a collective +40 years experience in the fuels design, we have in-depth knowledge of methodology behind a fuel site design to optimise any sites functionality.